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Etobicoke, ON
reply to travisc

Re: Rogers' highest tier to be 3000/384

You're right Travis, time will tell. I just spoke with a Roger's tech and he said that there is nothing in the works as of yet as to whether they will even bring out a faster service, muchless what the speed cap will be. He said that he's sure there are ideas being thrown around, but there is nothing in writing yet, everything right now is heresay.

That said, Rogers BETTER role out a faster package in order to keep me as a customer along with many other knowledgeable customers. Now the issue now will be, what will be the transfer limit set on this package? Another question I have, will they put customers sub'ing to this service on a seperate node in order to guarantee the full speed?

Again, this is all speculation at this point, but if Rogers knows what's good for them, they better come up with something and fast!

Toronto, ON
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I don't know about the nodes. I just know that my node was just recently combined with another, and capped. So i don't know how well the high speed plan would work on such a populated node with 100+ modems now. It was 50 modems before and I was getting a consistant 2200-2400 down and 365-375 up.
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