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Balking The Enemy's Plans

Woodstock, ON
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reply to travisc

Re: Rogers' highest tier to be 3000/384

said by travisc:
Shouldn't you guys wait for official word before freaking out? Rogers techs know squat about large-scale plans like this, but that certainly doesn't stop them from running their mouth. If it turns out as 3000/384, then yeah, freak out at that point because that would be a joke. I'd be willing to bet that it'll be more like 5000/640, however. Despite what you think about Rogers, they are not stupid enough to pull this kind of move and then come in with a crappier package than Sympatico.
Well we can put two and two together and get 4. Well sometimes 5, depending on the math But logicaly he is right, but the term we are looking for is "bait and switch".

For those of you who have never heard of this, you bait someone with one thing ala service @3000/384(640), then down the road you change them to 1500/192 without informing the customer and charge more. I'm unsure if legaly tho this can be tested via the courts, but if it was with other consumable goods it would hold well.