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Toronto, ON
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reply to skillton

Re: Docsis modem??

said by skillton:

s-cdma terayons cant ping under 22ms... i had a terayon modem when it was new technology... when most ppl were still on the lan city modems... the pings were always over 24ms... on the lan city modem i used to ping as low as 1ms to the 1st hop... and even when i was only getting 50kB/sec downloads i still pinged under 5ms to the 1st hop... 25ms are optimal pings for terayons... 7ms are optimal pings for docsis modems... maybe terayons can ping lower but the're just not configured for low pings... i dunno... all i know is that every single terayon s-cdma modem user on rogers that i talked to pings over 20ms to the 1st hop... including me when i had it... i had both the tcm100 and tcm200...
Well, i dont know about that Terayon's cant ping under 22ms, i used to ping very low when Shaw was here, less than 5ms to my 1st hop, and pings were extremly good and stable. Same modem I have had all these years. Rogers just has overloaded nodes and it just appears that way I think. or they just cripple it somehow (maybe like the bell sympatico interleaving) or something like that. For a while now with Rogers I havent been able to get anyhtin glower than 20ms to the 1st hop, at least a year now, before i dont remember....
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