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reply to itsmethee

Re: eDonkey and your Linksys Router can be Friends

said by itsmethee:
I have a Linksys router and I did what you said but my ID is still only an 8 digit number! Why is this. I am still getting slow download speeds too
About the low ID:
Having a low ID just simply means that you can't connect to other users who also have low IDs.

I'm sorry - what I posted is about all I know about this.
The only other thing I can think of would be a firewall issue.
If you're on Windows XP - that has a firewall built into it and you might want to turn it off.
If you're behind another firewall, you need to tell it that it's ok for eDonkey can use port 4662.

About the Slow Speeds
Aside from getting your ID to a 10 digit number which would help, if you're trying to DL rare or old files, that's going to be slow going no matter what unless you get lucky and the person you're DL-ing from has a really fast upload speed. Try to download a really new, popular file (even if you really don't want it - you can always cancel it) and see what happens.