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Toronto, ON
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Still having problems with Rogers....

Well, despite getting a newer, updated Terayon TCM-200 modem today, I still have this weird random loss of connection, not actual modem going offline, but just nothing works, can't ping anything even. It sometimes comes back, sometimes not for a few minutes, sometimes more. Rogers keeps saying its a problem on my end. I have tried it on 3 separate computers, and the problem was the same. These problems occur only in the evening hours. They won't freakin help me.

I was sharing my internet thru my Win2k Server machine running ICS, with two NICs. The config hasnt changed for over 2 years. Rogers blames my Win2k Server, because its unsupported by them.

I have a Linksys 4 port router, I've only used it as a switch until now, so I decided to give it a try and share the internet thru it. I set it up, had to clone the MAC address for it to get an IP, but its working so far. My only problem is that the Router's DHCP server isn't working, and it is enabled. I had to configure each computer on the network thru static IP. Not a big deal really, but I wonder why DHCP isn't working. In the router's settings, i noticed there is a MTU section where you can adjust it. What should it be set to for Rogers? What about Rwin settings for my computers? any recommendations? Thanks...
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