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Competition, Open And Free Markets


Rogers breached licence: CRTC decision

Rogers Communications Inc. breached its licence to operate community cable
television channels when it broadcast announcements promoting its high-speed
Internet service, the federal regulator ruled yesterday.

In its decision, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications
Commission said it was "concerned" about Rogers' programming broadcast across
its community channels in Southern Ontario last winter detailing how the
company's Internet subscribers could make the transition from the ailing At
Home Corp. network to the Rogers network. The TV spots included two 60-second
messages from John Tory, president and chief executive officer of subsidiary
Rogers Cable Inc.

"Rogers ought reasonably to have known that its actions were inconsistent
with its regulatory obligations," the commission said in its public notice.

The CRTC has ordered the communications company to file quarterly compliance
reports over the next three years detailing the broadcast of promotional
programming that refers to the Rogers Hi-Speed Internet service. In addition,
the reports must include a declaration from senior management confirming the
communications company is complying with its terms of licence.

In January, the Ottawa-based group asked the commission to issue a cease and
desist order barring Rogers Cable from promoting its Internet services via
its cable TV operations.

"We're glad the commission caught them at their game," said Jay Thomson,
president of the 140-member association. "The cable companies have taken
every opportunity to promote their services at the expense of the

Anons on ignore, but not due to fear.
London, ON
CRTC is a friggin waste of time...rogers doesn't face any penalties...they might as well put them under the Young Offenders Act...file quarterly reports...give me a break...way to punish them CRTC...IDIOTS!!!
...but i need those baskets back!

Competition, Open And Free Markets

reply to kevmetric
If that's the only problem that Rogers had,
but no ... a lot of dust is being swept under
the rug.

Lucky for them, the Caisse Centrale Desjardins
and Bernie Landry prevents Rogers from
buying Videotron ... a wasteland that turned
out to be.