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reply to HiVolt

Re: Rogers spying?

said by HiVolt:
... NvQTwk and NvCpIDaemon are a part of nVidia drivers. If you removed them you might have problems with accessing the settings in the control panel or playing games...
Thanks HiVolt for pointing that out to me, I must have gotten carried away with that word "Daemon", sounds sinister. I checked the Control Panel and Display Panel layout and it looks and works fine, but I didn't take any chances and reinstalled the W2K NVIDIA drivers just in case. It may also have something to do with the NVIDIA Driver Helper Service which I had to disable a while back in Services because it was hindering the start-up. I'll leave well enough alone even though there's never seems to be a shortage of bloatware sucking up systems resources for no good reason.

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Yeah, I regularly check for any suspicious processes. I usually don't install any freeware/shareware/demos off the net because almost everything these days is plagued with spyware or tracking software. I run Ad-Aware once a week, once in a while it finds something... Some bloody websites do stuff behind your back too, with malicious code that takes advantage of IE exploits. I dont like firewall software, too much stuff to configure to get everything working.
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