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Scarborough, ON
reply to Gongster

Re: Rogers spying?

said by akiclan:
I ran a sniffing program on thier network and I couldn't help noticing that their main servers log the sites I have been visiting. In the log file of the sniffer it showed every single IP address that I have connected to in the past week even CS server IPs! I know what toronto2001 means about the daemon. It is installed by the firmware in the modem to track what sites you have visited and sends it to rogers. I believe it is called a track daemon or something along those lines. All I say is that ur being watched. Even with the tracking daemon disabled they still log what IPs you connect to. I'll post the log file if you wish.
so lemme get this strait... ur saying the firmware in the modem installs a program on ur computer?
if dats what ur sayin then in sorrry to say this but ur prolly retarded... because even if wat ur sayin was possible rogers wouldn't be dumb enuff to do it... they'd get sued big time... its against the law...

Toronto, ON
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Hah no way its in the firmware of the modem... He installed some freeware proggy off the net and it installed the tracker... It happens all the time.

What I want to know is if there are any parts on the Rogers setup CD that might contain spyware, 3rd party stuff that Rogers puts on their CD, and they might not even know themselves about it...
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