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Stoney Creek, ON
reply to HiVolt

Re: Rogers and their brilliant telemarketers...

just pull the old seinfeld trick

Delta, BC
said by xRAGEx:
just pull the old seinfeld trick
"Would you like a subscription to the New York Times?"
"Yes, I would!" *click*

"I'm sorry, but I'm busy right now. If you give me your home phone number I can call you back later"
"Uh, we're not allowed to do that"
"Oh, I guess you don't want people disturbing you at home?"
"Uh, yeah"
"Well now you know how I feel" *click*
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Calgary, AB
Y'know, when I did telemarketing *gasp*, and people did the Seinfeld trick, I'd give them my home number. If they really wanted to spend money on long distance to call me, I figured, go ahead! Nobody ever called. Guess I called their bluff.

Really guys, hang up on them. They want you to. The poor buggers in that sweatshop are scripted and listened to. They have to overcome your objections 3 times and ask you for the sale, either directly or assumptively. They have to. It's their job. If they don't, they'll get fired. And facing their loved ones with a pink slip is more humiliating than anything you can dish out. I personally tell these guys to get a new job, in a nice way. Y'know, something like, "I can tell you're a smart person. You can really do something which will pay you more." Blah, blah, blah. Look, if telemarketing didn't work, you wouldn't have all these people calling you. Unfortunately, it's the stiffs on the phone who take all the heat. If it really bothers you, call up the company they're representing and yell at them. Don't take it out on the the poor guys stuck on the phone at that moment who are making crap money and hoping you'll just hangup on them so they don't get yelled at.


I usually just ask them if they could hold for a sec, then put the phone in front of some nice elevator music for them to listen to for a while... a long long while.

Toronto, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
I especially hate the ones that don't even let you say a word, just begin their routine "Hi I'm calling from Joe's Lawn Care and we are offering lawn services for half price YADDA YADDA YADDA for freakin 2 minutes before you can even say anything... If I don't hang up right away, I just say in a funny accent "me no speak english" and then hang up, lol...
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