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Brampton, ON

Need some serious help, connection verry toasty

Ok, here is my situation. I recently moved, and as a result had to switch service providers from Sympatico to Rogers (long story). Any how, since day one with my Rogers connection, my connection has been dropping like leaves in fall. I get on, get connected, then get dropped anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes later. I have had the service for about 2 weeks, and the longest continuous interval of uptime has been around 2 hours.

Some specifics
OS - Started on Win98, now using Win98se. problem persists on either version. Going to try WinXP and see if that helps.
NIC - Linksys Fast Ethernet 10/100 5.1, latest drivers
Cable Modem - Terayon (oddly enough this modem is not pictured either in their help guide, or on their website)

Technical service reps are not much help, as they simply walk you through the steps in the manual. I have tried all procedures listed, checked every net setting I can find. Nothing seems to solve it.

Details on the problem: A dry run startup.
-Modem unpluged. Computer off.
-Plug in modem, modem lights flash, finishes in the online state.
-Power up pc. modem lights flash, modem contacted, DHCP info recieved. Windows starts, ICQ auto-senses a network present and launches. I can surf, browse, IM, whatever.
-then anywhere from 3-15 minutes into the session, ICQ will suddenly go into standby mode, and any programs that were recieving info from the net stop communicating.
-no modem lights flash (except a very occasional send light), nothing works.
-try to re establish DHCP info with WINIPCFG, no go.
-power off, power back on, has a 30 percent chance of reconnecting.
-starting from step one after it fails on me the first time in any given session is also not guaranteed to get me a connection again.

- could my modem (possibly a really old one) be screwing things up?
- are there super sekret settings i am missing somewhere?
- could it be my OS?

I am at a loss to explain why it simply drops me and then does its best to ignore any attempt I make to establish a connection.

At this point, I am seriously considering telling them to take their gear back. If anyone in the area would care to recommend another provider, I am all ears. For location reference, I live about 3 kilometers west of Shoppers World Mall in Brampton.


Brampton, ON

Some additional notes

I finally identified my modem, it is the Flat, boxy Terayon modem shown in their online tutorial (the one with the vertical stand)

Also, I swapped the NIC to a different port in my PC and problem still occurs.


Toronto, ON
reply to SurfD

Possibly the modem you have is defective... a few things to check for:

-When you lose your connection, the modems' online light is still on?

-Check the link light on the back of your modem / nic

-Check if your getting any packet loss by pinging your gateway IP (do 50 pkts at least)

-Call Technical Support, politely let them know that you keep losing your connection ever 15 minutes, call when you HAVE lost your connection. Tell them this is a CHRONIC issue, and also let them know that you have already tried every step they recommend. If you've not built a record of at least a few calls, they may not send someone out on the first call, therefore call everytime the problem happens until its been logged in the system a few times... (you likely wont need to but may need to do this step) and then let them know , please check your records, I've called 4 times in the past xx hr/days and I need a technician out here to take a look at my modem and / or setup.

hope that helps.


Brampton, ON
reply to SurfD

Case solved, rogers tech came out and looked at my modem, declared it foobar after a bit of checking, replaced it with a Terra Pro and I have been perfect ever since.