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Toronto, ON
reply to SurfD

Re: Need some serious help, connection verry toasty

Possibly the modem you have is defective... a few things to check for:

-When you lose your connection, the modems' online light is still on?

-Check the link light on the back of your modem / nic

-Check if your getting any packet loss by pinging your gateway IP (do 50 pkts at least)

-Call Technical Support, politely let them know that you keep losing your connection ever 15 minutes, call when you HAVE lost your connection. Tell them this is a CHRONIC issue, and also let them know that you have already tried every step they recommend. If you've not built a record of at least a few calls, they may not send someone out on the first call, therefore call everytime the problem happens until its been logged in the system a few times... (you likely wont need to but may need to do this step) and then let them know , please check your records, I've called 4 times in the past xx hr/days and I need a technician out here to take a look at my modem and / or setup.

hope that helps.