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Ach Du Lieber
Premium,ExMod 2002-05
Seaside, CA

2 recommendations

Sing along with FutureMan: The Collection!

Volume 1: 2 O'Clock                                        [karaoke version available]
Parody of "Beth" - Artist: Kiss

Volume 2: We Crunchin'
Parody of "We Jammin'" - Artist: Bob Marley

Volume 3: Stairway to Berkeley
Parody of "Stairway to Heaven" - Artist: Led Zepplin

Volume 4: Cacheman!                                    [karaoke version available]
Parody of "Taxman" - Artist: Beatles

Volume 5: Space Oddity
"Space Oddity" - Artist: David Bowie

Volume 6: Starman
"Starman" - Artist: David Bowie

Volume 7: FutureMan
Parody of "Shaft" - Artist: Isaac Hayes

Volume 8: 50 Ways to fry your mobo          [karaoke version available]
Parody of "50 ways to leave your lover" - Artist: Paul Simon

Volume 9: Hey WU                                          [karaoke version available]
Parody of "Hey You" - Artist: Pink Floyd

Volume 10: Too Many WU in my Cache       [karaoke version available]
Parody of "Too much time on my hands" - Artist: Styx

Volume 11: Keep that Funky Queue Up
Parody of "Play that Funky Music" - Artist: Wild Cherry

Volume 12: Little Helper
Parody of "Mama's little helper" - Artist: Rolling Stones

Volume 13: Bad Bad Berkeleys down          [karaoke version available]
Parody of "Bad Bad Leroy Brown" - Artist: Jim Croce

Volume 14: Get offa my Cache!
Parody of "Get offa my cloud" - Artist: Rolling Stones

Volume 15: Home, home on the Net            [karaoke version available]
Parody of "Home on the range" - Artist: Brewster Higley

Volume 16: Give me all your AR's
Parody of "Gimmie all your lovin" - Artist: ZZ Top

Volume 17: WU Are so Beautiful                   [karaoke version available]
Parody of "Beautiful" - Artist: Joe Cocker

Volume 18: Imagine me and WU                   [karaoke version available]
Parody of "Happy Together" - Artist: The Turtles

Volume 19: Sound of Silence
Parody of "Sound of Silence" - Artist: Simon & Garfunkel

Volume 20: With or Without WU                    [karaoke version available]
Parody of "With or without you" - Artist: U2

Volume 21: You should be Crunchin'
Parody of "You should be dancin'" - Artist: Bee-Gee's

Volume 22: Puff the Overclocked Cruncher
Parody of "Puff the magic dragon" - Artist: Peter, Paul & Mary

Volume 23: Do the WU Comotion                  [karaoke version available]
Parody of "Locomotion" - Artist: Chiffons

Volume 24: Cruncher Crash                           [karaoke version available]
Parody of "Monster Mash" - Artist: tbd

Volume 25: Screaming at Verizon                 [karaoke version available]
Parody of "Leaving on a Jet Plane" - Artist: John Denver

Volume 26: I Love Seti                                    [karaoke version available]
All Original Tune and Lyrics, by FutureMan

- FM
Broadband Reports Distributed Computing Executive Member of 'StarFire Five' & BBR Karaoke Champion!
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