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York, ON
reply to sbrook

Re: Rogers Inconsistent connection Please Help.

I have 2 NICs in my main PC connected to rogers.

One NIC connects to Rogers and the other connects to 1 PC which is sharing files and the Internet with a CAT 5 cable.

I have reinstalled ICS anyway because that was domb advice from the tech support.

I have had this setup for more than 1 year and I have never had any problems until 2 weeks ago.

I never installed any new hardware or software and suddenly I get inconsistent Rogers connection.

Phoned the tech support again and was told the power went out in their building so they have to call me back regarding my suggestion of changing the IP address.



My connection has been very inconsistent also ever since Roger's imposed the 1500/190 speed caps especially when comparing the download speeds between daytime, evenings and weekends.
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York, ON

Fixed the problem.

My second NIC had an incorrect TCP/IP setting which was causing this problem.

Everything seems to run be running much smoother now.

Now I can proceed to figuring out the correct RWIN to use for my capped 1.5 Mbps.