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La Luna
RIP Lisa
Warwick, NY

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reply to Wildcatboy

Re: Forum rules, reminder, changes, updates, ...

While I agree in principle with all that WCB has said, I would like to offer the opinion that sometimes there IS a place for friendlyness, and yes, sometimes even humor. Those are the things that keep forums such as this from being INTIMIDATING, thus chasing new people away for fear of not knowing enough, or saying something "stupid".
Sure, there are annoyances and threads that shouldn't be, but isn't that part of internet forum life? All in all, I think this forum (all of them, for that matter) are EXCELLENT as they are--not too stuffy, or boring or filled with technical chatter that's above most people's heads. I LIKE coming here for the best security info around, combined with a comfortable, friendly environment. And as far as I am concerned, the Mods have been doing a great job keeping things on the straight and narrow. I honestly don't see that there is any major problem. Consider the fact that I am a woman, 53 and a grandma--if I saw any nonsense going on here that wasn't dealt with, I would be gone in a heartbeat.

WCB, while its fine to have some ground rules to live by, don't get TOO serious on us--we get enough of that in "real" life, don't we? Shouldn't all of this computer "stuff" (yes, even security) be fun? I know I wouldn't be here if it wasn't. THAT'S what keeps me coming back to learn more. If things get too technical, too dry, too boring, I'll lose interest.

Am I making any sense here? Not saying it should be all fun and games--just that there has to be a happy medium that would work for all.

Now, I think I will go print out the new rules and hang them by my computer for reference ...I'll NEVER remember all of them, lol.......
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I Am The Man Who Was Not There.
Reston, VA
La Luna,

I am beginning to suspect some sort of feminist conspiracy here to protect us from becoming humorless. First jaykaykay, now you -- not to mention the persistent incoming e-mail from a certain lurker who's gleefully pointing out to me each such posting.

I don't think WCB is advocating a total lack of humor; just a reasonable amount of discretion and self-control. (Right, big guy?? ... Right??)

I mean, I've already been poking at Name Game and it seems I can still post!

I suppose I should now post a limerick, but I think that might try his patience beyond the breaking point!
Regards, Joseph V. Morris