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Herndon, VA
reply to Wildcatboy

Re: Forum rules, reminder, changes, updates, ...

I don't post here much at all since I don't know much about security. But I do read it more often and can really appreciate a good set of rules for keeping a forum on track. WCB, obviously you put a lot of time and thought into leading these discussions and that alone puts you ahead of many forums. One thing I would like to suggest for experts helping newbies like me without wasting their valuable time, is to use the voting feature when you find a good explanation of a common topic. I can't think of another forum I've seen that has this, but it would be a good way to keep common answers to questions easily accessible, without re-writing the FAQ on a regular basis. I know if I come here with a problem the first thing I'm going to do is look at the popular posts for the last three months since I don't do much exotic stuff with my PC, I expect others will have had similar problems. I'm also usually in a panic and afraid my PC will die completely any second, so I would prefer not to have to peruse a year and a half worth of posts if it can be avoided. So even if you are not posting about a subject but recognize it as a good answer, vote it up. It might help and it can't hurt, right?

Thanks to all for the help I've received in the past and in advance for any help in future.

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