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Randy Bell
Santa Clara, CA

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reply to Wildcatboy

Re: Forum rules, reminder, changes, updates, ...

said by Wildcatboy:
After all it's a Daily update which means it's released daily. What's the news?
The news for me is when the update is released at the ftp server, which varies greatly from one day to the next. Although many have the IU batch file to automate this process somewhat, still it's nice to know exactly when the update is available, since it requires a manual download. Some people schedule their IU batch file to run on a periodic basis, so for them the process is automated, but not for the rest of us. I'm assuming here that you have the Norton intelligent updater (IU) threads in mind.

I realize this is not news for people who don't use NAV, but the most recent firewall poll revealed that many of us do use NAV, thus the notices about daily updates. If the title doesn't apply to your AV, then of course you can just ignore it -- just as I pay little attention to update news about AVG, McAfee, KAV, NOD32, eTrust, Tauscan, The Cleaner, etc. -- products I don't use myself.
said by Wildcatboy:
If you really want to announce them, how about doing a bit more research? Find out what the new added signatures are.
dp and I and other users almost always do exactly that: list the new viruses detected, from the whatsnew.txt file.
said by Wildcatboy:
Do a research about those viruses, worms and Trojans and inform others about them. Include a few links to descriptions of a few of them and how they work and how they can be cleaned. In other words, add value to the forum.
Sometimes I've added detection pictures and comments to these threads (particularly the TrojanHunter ruleset threads), especially for new virus and trojan detections where I recognize a particular infection sent in for analysis. Others can contribute what they know too, since forum members help their various vendors to get detection of new nasties.

Some of us have sent infected files to the program authors for analysis. Magnus Mischel (TH author) and Brendon Woirhaye (Symantec) have been most helpful and are to be commended publicly for their fine work in assisting us in getting detection on these new nasties -- not to mention Wayne Langlois (TDS author) and others.
said by Wildcatboy:
This way people are informed about the update and both you and they will also learn a few things about those viruses.
Point well taken: we especially can contribute, when we see detection of viruses, worms, and trojans we know we've been instrumental in getting detection on, and on malware we recognize and know something about ahead-of-time (before detection).

For other malware, unfortunately for example, often Symantec creates an entry at their website about the new virus or trojan when it is added to the virus list, but it contains little or no information.

However, your point is still well-received, we could research the same malware on other AV/AT sites which may have already obtained information on the same virus or trojan.

Thanks for all the steps you're taking to make this a better forum for all of us, WCB. :)

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