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reply to Wildcatboy

Re: Forum rules, reminder, changes, updates, ...

said by Wildcatboy:
....DSLR Security forum does not promote a certain product. We give people options and let them choose. I have seen too many occasions when people chose an inferior product simply because it had become fashionable. I want us to go beyond that and be as diverse as possible.
I'm glad you clarified that because up until now I had been under the false impression that DSLR Reports was promoting by way of condoning seemingly very biased posts of certain products such as in the area of firewalls, antivirus, and antitrojan software.
said by WBC:

......every now and then we are reminded that a lot of new people are lurking through this forum and read silently. They are not posting for various reasons, one being the false assumption that since they are not knowledgeable enough in Security issues they might as well be quiet. This couldn't be farther from the truth. If there are no good questions, there are no good answers.
I form part of those who upon observing the diversity of knowledge and expertise in the area of security and privacy in this forum felt intimidated and was therefore hesitant in posting. Some appeals for advice such as my last post of; 2002-09-17 07:48:00 may very well remain unanswered and lost in the shuffle perhaps because of that "false assumption".
said by WBC:

...One cannot survive without the other and a forum without newbies is bound to fail.
And with that I couldn't agree more. If this forum should, heaven forbid, degrade from its present high stature it will most definitely not be because of a lack of intellectual ability or qualifications of our gracious Host.