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Toronto, ON

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Re: Forum rules, reminder, changes, updates, ...

Thanks for all your responses. A few answers to some of the questions you asked here and via IM:

I can't promise anything about a forum specifically for AV/AT update announcements but I can tell you that this is not something I like. I'd like this forum to be a one stop shop for all Security related information. Splitting things apart in several forums is not something I like to do. Besides, a few posts may look useless to some and the same posts may look very useful to someone new to computers and security. Diversity is what I'm looking for, therefore the subjects need to appeal to a diverse group of people. And as I mentioned, We also need newbies in this forum and those posts may be quite useful to them.

Moderation is what I'm looking for. Daily update announcements are just too much so let's stop them unless there's something special about them. Weekly updates are so so for me. I can live with or without them. But please make sure there's only one announcement about them. This means you'll have to take responsibility and search the forum to make sure no one has done it before. And no one liner posts please either. "The update is there, go get it.", is not enough. If you do the job, do it well.

Unscheduled releases or sporadic updates are always welcome for any product. All other announcements about new products are of course welcome as well.

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