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Boston, MA

I like Covad

I've had Covad service since early this year and really like it. No outages ever except for a single 3 to 4 hour stretch of email being unavailable. My previous provider, MediaOne/Att Broadband, had several complete outages of service a month including one stretch of over 2 weeks.

Covad doesn't charge extra for networking, and when I got a Efficient Networks 2 port router ($44 at Circuit City) I got rid of the PPPoE software and everything seemed even faster.


Castro Valley, CA
Covad is apparently hot-swapping customers now
»Circuit ID: 101-519-421 new customer
»Circuit ID 101-514-638 (from DTV)
Any connection between your reality and mine is purely coincidental.


reply to dmh748
Check out CovadDSL.com. The site is tremendous and easy to access. I'd recommend that all of you people in the Direct TV DSL boat check it out...You won't be disappointed!


Saint Louis, MO
But when I looked at Covad's site, it says you will be served by PPPoE. How can you get rid of it.? BTW, because of these stupid one year contract terms and Cyberonic is not available in my area, it looks like the 328/128 slow option is the only one I can take until Charter gets its upgrade completed in my area.


Boston, MA
Here's how to get rid of PPPoE from your computer:

Buy a router that supports PPPoE directly, even if you don't want to hook up any other computers. The Siemens/Efficient Networks units work really well with the Siemens/Efficient DSL modems that Covad ships.

All you do is plug it in, go to a specific IP address that corresponds to the router's settings page, enter your username and password just once, check the PPPoE box and everything else default, and you don't need any special software or settings on the computer. I've tried Windows NT, ME, and now also XP, works just great. And now the routers are even less, saw the 2 port model for $39.95 at Circuit City. Well worth it IMO.