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DSL Guy9

Cedarhurst, NY
reply to Barney Google

Re: Speakeasy aren't the only hot swap pioneers

This is why I mention the smaller, independent ISP options like Bway.

Isn't this the problem...Ask people that had Flashcom, Telocity, DirectTV, ....now want another cheap national number grabbing, over subscribed backhaul to go out of business connection.

If people haven't caught on...free hardware, free first month, free everything means they won't be in business long.

Not a lot of ISP's doing no PPPoE software plus static IP these days like small customer service oriented ISP's.

The choices now are becoming the Bells or the Cables and that is it! This should not happen. Support your local ISP's if you can.



My local ISP (IQuest) drove me to DirecTV when they backed out of their promise of a free modem and wanted to charge me for one AND take away my static IP. That is why DirecTV was ideal. Static IP, DNS service, great tech support, a 768/128 connection, add your own hub/switch/router, no "garbage" just clean internet, and more--where else can I get all of that for $49.99/mo.? Now, there is NO WHERE. I'm not going back to my local good-for-nothing ISP. Once bitten, twice shy.


reply to DSL Guy9

Oh and I forgot another thing--NO CONTRACT!


Fort Wayne, IN
reply to KBoyKool

sounds good till they slapped me with this so called fair access policy they had.so many mb in a 4 hr period any more they cut me for 12 hrs, now i get roadrunner buisness class 2 mb dll 786 upl for 49.00 a mnth was getting resd for 44 and was 2 mb dll/ 355 upl theese are test speeds not so called rated speeds there even higher.


Twinsburg, OH

reply to KBoyKool

Good for nothing local ISP? Cmon man... I totally agree with the statement previously made "Free Modem's, Install, and Setup mean they won't be in business long". So what if you have to pay $99 bucks up front? Isn't it worth it in the long run to get not only better internet service & customer service but also a company that's gonna stay around? People need to quit being cheap. Here's a news flash "BROADBAND IS NOT AS CHEAP AS DIALUP" You want cheap... go back to dialup, cuz quality broadband, while not costing an arm and a leg, will definately cost you a few dollars more a month.
Chris Evans
NetLink Services, Inc.
Toll Free: 800.730.2522 X:261

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