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New York, NY
reply to telcotech6

Re: To: Dane Jasper, President of both the California

We're supposed to thank the ILEC for bungling every communications technology they've tried to launch since voice? Let's count 'em ... Touch-Tone saved them money and allowed more modern switches but was held back decades because Bell was greedy. ISDN is too painful to even talk about in the US. DSL is a 15 year old technology that was squandered by Corporate stupidity and greed. Only government intervention got us modern phones like the rest of the world had (Carterphone decision), and we'd still be paying 50 cents a minutes for long distance if not for a nice lawsuit. "We don't care, we don't have to care. We're the Phone Company." They won't get their sh#t together until the people who own the lines become pure wholesalers, and the traditonal ILECs are a seperate company with seperate, equal access, much the way AT&T got equal access with MCI to dial 1+ service. Of course, to see real innovation in the central office, you'd need to see them run by forward thinking administrators who are interested in more than their pension or union work rules.