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Forum Rules - Please read


Forum Rules:

News Items
News items - things you've seen/heard that are VoIP related but wouldn't normally be a forum question/topic - should be submitted to »/submitlocal1/ ··· al1/voip. They will appear in the forum header, and can be discussed (just like 'front page' news items), in the 'Comments?'

Referrals and Referral Links Are Not Allowed
Discussion of referrals is not permitted in this forum. It would be appropriate to narrow that focus to the specific discussion of soliciting referrals, which benefits the referrer monetarily, but inevitably any discussion on the broader topic degenerates into name-calling and accusations, so there will be no referral discussions, regardless of which provider is involved. Any such discussions will be deleted.

This includes links used in your posting sig.
Anyone wishing to use a posting sig with their posts on this site or any other type of link is directed to read »Site FAQ »LINKS or SIGS of a commercial nature which governs this feature on DSLR/BBR. To elaborate, any link in your post anywhere, which takes someone to a referral link, or which is constructed to "drop" a cookie, which is then used to some benefit of the owner, is illegal here. This includes linking to a site that displays a referral whether in text form, through the use of a banner which includes a referral or any type of link which redirects by use of an embedded referral string. This policy is sitewide. Please see the FAQ for additional information and restrictions.

No Spam Allowed
Spam or advertising for commercial products or services is Not Allowed here. Spam will be deleted and if persistent, further actions will be taken.

For forum regulars - if you suspect that a post is SPAM, your sole responsibility is to use the HEY MOD link in the suspect post to bring it to a moderator's attention. Someone will look at it and make a determination as to whether or not is meets the site criteria for spam. Posts containing things like - "this is spam" - or "smells like spam" will be deleted without prejudice.

Don't Get Personal!
If you have personal issues with another forum user, whether a registered user, an anonymous user, or a registered user posting anonymously, do not take it upon yourself to attack that user in your post. Use the 'hey mod' feature. Flaming, or directly challenging another user will not be allowed. You may discuss the issue and its merits, but not the individual.

No Product Wars/Provider Bashing
This forum will not be used for spamming your product, nor will it be used for slamming somebody else's. Posts critical of other services or hardware for the sole purpose of criticism or competition will be deleted without comment.
Direct links to firmware or uploading of firmware to the site are not allowed, please post only links to the site hosting the firmware.­
This protects the copyright interests of the authors and also helps safeguard against firmware modified without your knowledge that might contain a back door or other component that could compromise your data or connection.­­­­­­­
Links to sites hosting third party firmware are offered "as is" by forum members. Such firmware is neither tested nor endorsed by our site. (In other words, we take no responsibility if you break your stuff using it.)

No Posting of For Sale or Wanted to Buy Items
These types of posts will need to be posted in the »/forum/forsale forum. Any such topics posted here will be removed.

Please familiarize yourself with DSLR rules explained in several locations such as Rules on Posting , Terms of Use and Moderation and Censorship. All will apply here and will be enforced as necessary.

Laying out specific rules like this, and reiterating them here should not be necessary.

Unfortunately, this is generally precipitated by the actions of a few individuals, which is the case here, and doesn't affect the majority of forum users who don't need individual attention and direction.

Thank you for your cooperation.