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San Francisco, CA
reply to noone2000

Re: Our new home!!! :-D

Thats weird, from 9000ft to 5800ft I wonder what's going on.Well anyways the reason I'm asking is because dslreports shows that I'm 10822ft away from CO and my Cyberonic dsl speed is capped at 768/384. I'm waiting to call them soon so I can ask them to raise my cap and test set it at 1500/768.

Crunch On
Haverhill, MA
I have an Idea I am between the two distances I am on one side of a river and the Co is on the other side I don't know where the wires run over/under the river but I can drive to the CO and it is just over a mile. I think if you get them to raise your cap you should get some increase if it doesn't then you tried.
If ignorance is bliss, why aren't there more happy people?


San Francisco, CA
Yeah thats what I'm hoping for right now. Well I'm just getting ready to call them so I'll keep you posted.