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wild colonial boy
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Pittsburgh, PA

TFTP - port 69

Trivial File Transfer Protocol. Generally used in maintaining and updating systems, for configuration file transfers between LAN systems, firmware updates on routers and other network appliances, and so forth. Essentially, less robust version of FTP not very secure, nor well suited, overall, for use over WANs. "Trivial" because it's easy to implement on remote devices with a few lines of code, making it ideal for "dumb" devices, like network terminals, and network support appliances, to download an OS or configuration from a server, usually on the same LAN.

Note: warning... TCP port 69 is used by a known trojan, BackGate on unpatched Win32 systems. An open TCP port 69 merits closer investigation. Also known as NT.Hack. see »www.sans.org/y2k/unicode.htm for further details.

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