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San Francisco, CA

How to check settings in bridge mode, 5861?

Is there a way to check the 5861 modem/router settings from my pc, after Cyberonic sets it in bridged mode?

Premium,Ex-Mod 2003-9
Bridge mode is a misnomer. All they do is turn off NAT & DHCP. They have you assign a public IP to your PC as well as the DNS settings. Write down all the settings they gave to you, change your PC back to obtain settings automatically, and use the reset button procedure to gain access with your 5861 serial number.


Chicago, IL

reply to CitYbYdBaY
request to change your setting from NAT to bridge mode.
Of course, there are some way to access into your Router.(5861) But, be careful.
in generally, Cyberonic technicain is using the telnet to maintain your router.
So if you fail your WAN setting, you could be screwed. This means that If you have any problem related to the set-up, you have to fix your problem by yourself.

If you think you're not expert, there is easy and safe way(but, you have to waste 2-3 hrs). at first, contact cyberonic. and ask them for changing to bridge mode.

about adsldude's solution, i think he can fix everything he need. he is expert ;=)

anyways, after mode-change, you can assign your public(static) IP address to your PC lan card(or your own router's[:not 5861's] WAN port.)

in addition, to check out the bridge-mode:
Router(5861 or cisco678)'s Lan port address is your Gateway address --then--> bridge mode.
Router's Lan port address is 192.168.x.x etc --then--> NAT/DHCP mode.
there would be some exceptions.

good luck.
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