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Chico, CA

Chico, CA Area, When?

Ok, AT&T Broadband bought our local cable company (Chambers Cable) over three years ago. Chambers offered cable modem service until they were bought out.

AT&T said we would be rolled over to the standard broadband service ASAP. That was three years ago...

The city council has fined AT&T three times due to poor service.

Does anyone have any idea when the Chico, CA area will be getting ATTBI? Thanks.


Chico, CA

I have no idea, they have been beating around the bush to long. I ask them every time I go into their office to pay for my basic cable bill, but no concrete answer.

However, now that Comcast as taken over maybe they will recognize the demand and profit potential for proving internet service to our area. But who knows?

I'm tired of SBC DSL, they are all ways in my front yard messing with the terminal box affecting my service. I've had enough of that, but there is yet to be a better alternative.
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