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Ludicrouse Speed

Renton, WA

reply to boomerbubba

Re: These Ducks Quack !!!

Here is my quacker. Took about 10 minutes of work and see the difference between the signal strenght. Keep in mind this was measured up one floor and about 35 feet away through several walls and doors etc...
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Urbanna, VA

I think that antenna may be similar to the antenna on a WET-11 from the looks of it. You might get better results with the template for the WET-11. Then again I might be wrong.

If that antenna is about 15cm (~6") long use the WET-11 template. If it is about 9cm (~4") long use the dipole template. In either case try to center the dipole on the reflector vertically and I think you'll get a bit better results. Also a really nice smooth curve with very few irregularities will work better. These reflectors are very sensitive to:

1) Focal point. This is the HARDEST part to get just right.
2) Correct curveature. This part isn't that hard to get.
3) Vertical centering.

The focal point on this template is essentially a pencil sized cylinder and not really a "point". Since the dipole makes a doughnut shaped pattern the idea is to try to get the pattern to center on the reflector from just the right distance.

Nice work, with that unit, you have an opportunity to make an even bigger reflector. It's just perfect to be able to stand it up that way.



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