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Ludicrouse Speed

Renton, WA

reply to boomerbubba

Re: These Ducks Quack !!!

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OK, I tried the wet-11 antenna, but it did not fair to well, so I rebuilt my first antenna to remove some of the un even curve. Take a look at what netstumbler reported as my signal to noise graph. What I did was start with my first antenna enhancer, to none, then to the second wet-11 and back to the first. I think the first is giving much better signal.

On a side note, i noticed that my laptop wireless card had a firmware update that I had not applied. That also made a world of difference to the link quality. Did not change the signal though. So if you have a USR pcimca card, you might want to see if there is newer firmware.

Thanks! This was a fun experiment!

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Urbanna, VA

Nice work. Yes the dipole reflector is the best one for your setup. Reading your graph, it looks like the extra care with the first antenna netted you about 2 dB of gain.

That's nearly twice as good. 8 dB of gain is half as much gain as 11 dB of gain. I say the little antenna is a dipole most surely.

Take that same reflector and put it on a WET-11 and it will perform badly, take that WET-11 template you build and it will perform about as good as the other does with a dipole, you are getting about 10 or 12 dB of gain with the first antenna. Nothing to sneeze at and the workmanship is good.

Nice work.