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Urbanna, VA

reply to DemiWebMan

Re: These Ducks Quack !!!

said by DemiWebMan:
I've got a question about the "Diversity" antenna configuration on my Linksys WAP11. I currently have each of my antennas pointed at different areas. One points to the left of the unit on the same floor and the other one points straight down to the floor below. I just can't position my Access Point in the optimum position and sell it to my wife, so I'm pretty stuck with where it is now.

My question is, am I going to have a problem once I buy another PC Card and have 2 laptops going at the same time but each of them operating in the separate areas?

I've read that the Access Point will switch between antennas for the best performing one. But, how often does it switch between the two? Anybody know?

I don't yet have 2 PC Cards to test this out but will be getting another one very soon. Thanks!
Browse to your WAP's IP address and try for the weca.htm or maybe it is html page.

Select use best antenna. It will sense where it hears the client best and use that antenna to talk to that client. I don't know how fast it switches, fast enough I reckon.

Now if you are trying to cover one area, not splitting up the antenna work like you are doing, it's best to stick with the factory defaults, which I believe is diversity.

I am sure there are others here who know more about that than I do.


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