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Conway, AR

Any luck with in SoCal?

For those in SoCal, has anyone had any success with as a DNS server? It was given to me as a secondary DNS (primary was the which is a joke since it's on the eastcoast). I've tried it ( as a primary (no secondary) without any luck. UUNET's DNS are fine, however they are not located in my backyard (LA area). I know that was part of Genuity's network up until recently (filed Chap. 11). It's know part of Level3 as of 2/4/03. My thoughts, but maybe Cyberonic had agreements with Genuity but failed to follow through with Level3. The other Genuity servers were (Palo Alto) and (Carrollton, TX). Are they working as primary's?


Sacramento, CA
You can use any DNS server you like ... For example try a close by server from speakeasy:

»www.speakeasy.net/main.php?page= ··· _dnsinfo

or ... try any PacBell server:

»AT&T West FAQ »What are Pacbell's DNS servers?