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Where Am I


Writhing zeros on your hard drive

The person who did all this downloading or uploading (which ever) they should write zeros across their hard drive and start over again a with a new os. With out evidence there is no case. He's innocent until proven guilty.


Portland, OR

True enough, but someone's gonna reply to your post with a rebuttal anyhow Cheers!


Narberth, PA
reply to Where Am I

I believe the RIAA is acting on the basis that they were able to pull songs from this user via P2P. It has been stated many times in various places that it is the "sharing" of your files, rather than the fact that you have them. It is hard to tell how you got a file, legitimate purchase/rip or P2P. I have gig's of MP3 files, some from P2P (Napster, Mozilla), but many from my own records and CD's. (Yes I did say records. I have taken some gems and played them into the computer.)
Also I have gotten a fair number of files of moderate quality from MP3.com. These files are not visible to the file sharing programs when I choose to run them. BTW, the person in question in the Verizon case is a DSLR member. I saw a post from him a while back.