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Premium,MVM,ExMod 2004-07
Planet X

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[FP] Board Meetings Now Open To Observers

All future FP board meetings will be open to observers. We unanimously approved the following motion. We will help those of you that need assistance with irc.


The FP board will conduct all future meetings in the format of a "general" session in which all FP business, except personal related topics, will be discussed and decided upon. All but board members are considered observers and will be devoiced during the meetings. Observers must be FP members and have registered nicknames on webchat.org. At the end of each general session, the board may excuse all observers and run an "executive" session to conduct any personal related matters.

I will post agendas before each board meeting to get input from the membership and will then post minutes to reflect the major topics discussed and the decisions made at each board meeting. Because of input on the agenda, the board may choose to invite a speaker to the next meeting for discussion on a particular topic. This will be agreed to on DCSP prior to the start of a board meeting. For privacy and security reasons, the board will not use general sessions for the exchange of critical or personal information (eg passwords, telephone numbers, etc.) that pertain to FP.

If members need help using irc they should IM either Gargoyle, wafen or MstrBlstr. We have a web page with instructions and an easy-to-use chat client you can use if you are a newbie.
I fold for PFW -=- some of us on IRC

Very glad we figured it out !!!