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RR Conductor
NWP RR Inc.,serving NW CA
Redwood Valley, CA
reply to Crazyf00L

Re: How's does it all really work?

Their Powerlink has come a long ways, but their digital cable(at least here in Nor Cal)has a long, long ways to go to even be comparable to satellite in choice and quality.
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Got Bottle?

Buffalo, NY
Funny you should mention that bro.

I've been wondering with all the upgrades and seeing the excessive amounts of new bandwidth being added.. what could all that extra bandwidth be for?

Maybe VOIP? VOD?

I'm sure there a lot more upgrades going on with the Digital TV system as there are with Powerlink.



Champaign, IL
said by JacksGhost:

Maybe VOIP? VOD?

I'd settle for being able to play a game now and again with less than 150 ping and having my digital cable stations come in under less than 15 seconds before I'd have a need for VOIP

on the digital cable side - anyone else encounter this. we had like 5 ppv stations removed to add the 'adult' stations back in our lineup and ever since then I noticed that 3 of the ppv stations left always have a 'No Event Scheduled' 24/7. Just curious if everyone sees this now and if maybe they have no events because they are being allocated to something else instead of ppv movies soon?