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Toledo, OH

Buckc upgrade the business plan, but what about us

Well not all of you know,
but The business package for buckeye cable has gotten a upgrade yesterday.
The new package for the business is no longer the 1Mb down and the 128Kb up.
now business's get 1.5Mb down and 256Kb up.
I had the chance to see this in action. and dang.
I like the 1Mb down, but that up is what I really want.
I wront to buckeye asking if they plan on upgrading all their service or is this the way its gonna be?
if so I wont be happy, I will either be force to upgrade to the business or I will just find a better provider that has better up speed. the 128Kb was fine until recently now that I have been using the up stream a lot more.
anyway. I dont think everyone knows about it. so I figured I would bring it to the light.
maybe if enough residentual users complain about it that they will give us better up.