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Batavia, OH

Random Disconnects

Wondering if anyone has had similar problems, and a solution if so.... Every couple hours my modem will disconnect and the ready light will blink 1-3 mins and have to reconnect. I am using a Westell Wirespeed Modem (Model #: B90-211010-04). I called tech support and they it had to be on my side cause the line test showed no problem and I show that I am connecting fine. I have tried with 3 different computers, same result each time, Cincinnati Bell refuses to help since it is my problem. Retraining the modem doesnt help, I have unplugged the phones in the house, tried with USB and Ethernet, etc etc, all with the same results.

Any info would be appreciated.

Miamisburg, OH

How long have you been on the service? I was having this problem right when I got hooked up (a while back) and it ended up being some old, unneeded telephone line testers in my junction box. The tech came out and cut them off, and since them my disconnects have been few and far between.

Also make sure your POTS filters are going the proper direction on all of your telephones in the house.
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