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Florence, KY

Anybody have 1536/768

Anybody have the hyper speed package? I have had it for about 2 months now and my upload has fallen off a bit. I talked to CBT and they said it was because they were redesigning my particular CO. My modem (Celpipe) is training at 1536/576 instead of 1536/768.


Erlanger, KY
I have that package and I notice, when testing, that the modem upload speed drops every so often to close to 300 kbps. Then I have to unplug and re-plug the dsl modem to get it to retrain at the higher speed. I'm wondering, since the speed and get lower, why can't the modem (Lucent) or a different modem, that will auto-retrain to the higher speed.

But I also have another problem. I have two lines run into my house. Each line is a twisted pair. On the second twisted pair I have a voice and a dsl signal. Everytime I get a phone call or even make a phone call the modem loses connection and the WAN light flashes for about 30 secs.

They come Monday to try and figure this out. I think either a bad dsl modem or possibly they will need a full dsl/pots splitter on my line, or worse interference/crosstalk from the other phone line.


Erlanger, KY
Because I did the Self-install I missed something. The phone company use to use a MTU (maintenance testing unit) for line testing and this was causing all my connection problems when I received or dialed my phone. Talking to the tech who came out to remove the MTU, he told me that the unit almost always causes problems.

so MTU + DSL = bad

Miamisburg, OH
reply to schmattie
I had these testing units on my line as well. They were causing disconnects whenever someone picked up the phone. Since they removed them about 2 years ago I haven't had a problem since.
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