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Re: New Features Implemented

New Feature: Title of thread shows in an IM or in post when URL is copy/pasted.
Date Implemented: 08-20-2003
Link: »[request] Title of thread now in IMs?

New Feature: Account type now listed in profile page [My Page].
Date Implemented: 08-20-2003
Link: »[request] Type: listed in profile now?

New Feature: Cannot accept empty remarks when auto-quoting
Date Implemented: 08-25-2003
Link: »[request] Eliminate blank quote posts.

New Feature: No $ when member Removes their account
Date Implemented: 07-01-2003
Link: »/faq/5759

New Feature: Title of FAQ's now in Links.
Date Implemented: 08-25-2003
Link: »[request] Title of FAQ's in Link.

New Feature: Attachment format changed.
Date Implemented: 08-27-2003
Link: »[request] Attachment format has been changed?

New Feature: Cursor already flashing in the members name box when logging in.
Date Implemented: 08-30-2003
Link: »[request] Logging In

New Feature: New Way to Vote Implemented
Date Implemented: 09-02-2003
Link: »[request] New Way to Vote Implemented

New Feature: Instant Message Totals
Date Implemented: 09-02-2003
Link: »Site FAQ »Instant Message Totals

New Feature: New Forum - Spam and Scam Busters
Date Implemented: 09-02-2003
Link: »What to post here, and what not to.

New Feature: BBR Gear On Sale
Date Implemented: 09-3-2003
Link: »New BBR store...

New Feature: Accepted Answer
Date Implemented: 09-02-2003
Link: »/faq/8043
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