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port 5000

go to >add/remove programs> remove windows components> click on networking services> details >now check Plug and Pray> ok
should work.

if it's unchecked it's good, correct?


Rochester, NY
reply to LLCCyberdoc
Sorry this doesn't close the port. By default the port is open even if this componet isn't install.

You can get the GRC program listed above and turn it off or if you want to do it manually here is how...

Control Panel --> Admin Tools --> Services
Look for the service SSDP Discovery Service
Double click this and set it from Automatic to Disable.

Reboot your system and lets do a check.

Start --> Run and type in cmd

At the command promt type in netstat -an and look and see something like If there is no :5000 next to and IP for TCP then it is closed off and your safe.

Also note this will turn off UDP Port 1900.
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