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reply to GM85

Re: An Update

Hi GM85 See Profile,

After a quick eyeball through the configs, (and I apologise for the brevity of the eyeballing but it is 1.57am and I am HAMMERED ), looks like you applied the crypto map to the wrong interface on the 806. Apply it to the interface:

ip address dhcp
ip nat outside
no cdp enable

That's all I can spot in my current state, hey I could not even spot my house when I was walking down and ended up past my house, half-a-mile down so consider yourself lucky. LOL.

Try that and if you are still having problems, post again and I shall try to remain sober when I look over it again.
When you post a question, you expect a reply. When I post a reply, I expect a response. Not only if the problem still exists, but also when it works. Its nice to know that the reply I gave works AND it also helps others with that problem to solve it.

Click, Click

London, ON

said by Covenant:
looks like you applied the crypto map to the wrong interface on the 806.

Man, I feel so stupid now. I was doing this at 2am last night.... and I was so tired that I must not have realized what interface I accidentally placed the crypto map into. I guess also, that I was gettin kinda frustrated with it today (and I was more focusing on the crypto commands) I just.... overlooked the mistake.

Thanks Again!

(now I just gotta combine this with the commands for the Easy VPN Clients.... but that shouldn't be that hard, and if it is, I know where ask )