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Premium,ex-mod 01-13

reply to justin

Re: New Features Implemented [updated 10/03/2003]

New Feature: Different Color Posts for Buddies and Yourself
Date Implemented: 09-23-2003
Link: »[request] Different Color For Buddy Posts

New Feature: Quick Search Added
Date Implemented: 09-23-2003
Link: »[request] RFC - search box

New Feature: "We Remembered Your Spot" Replaced by "Back To Topic" or "Back To Forum"
Date Implemented: 10-02-2003
Link: »[request] back to topic.. ... back to forum.. THANKS!

New Feature: Search Using Attachment File Name
Date Implemented: 10-03-2003
Link: »Re: Please brainstorm search improvements

New Feature: Forum Tabs Removed
Date Implemented: 10-09-2003
Link: »Tabs gone?

New Feature: Wild Card Searching Added to Site Searches
Date Implemented: 10-13-2003
Link: »[request] Wildcard User Search - Thanks, Justin!

New Feature: Animated gif Added to Search Page
Date Implemented: 10-24-2003
Link: »[request] new search thing?

New Feature: Spell checker added
Date Implemented: 10-27-2003
Link: »[request] Thanks for the spellchecker!

New Feature: Cookie Changes, IP notification
Date Implemented: 10-26-2003
Link: »[request] Confirm password takes you to wrong page

New Feature: "I'm Feeling Lucky" button
Date Implemented: 10-23-2003
Link: »[request] New feature? preview bypass?!
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