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Harrisburg, PA
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Re: Powerlink: Why can't I ping my router anymore?

Are you talking about your router or the equipment that routes Adelphia's system? If you are talking about yours, then it has nothing to do with your net connection. The packets would never hit the WAN side. And yes, ICMP pings of a size equal to 92 bytes are blocked for security reasons. It is not a coincidence wither that Windows pings with a packet size of 92 bytes either. You need to download a ping utility that allows the packet size to be changed in order for this to work.
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Sykesville, MD
I just re-read my post and realized it wasn't as clear as it should be. I'm not having trouble pinging my router from inside (PC to local Linksys Router). I am having trouble if I try to ping my address from the WAN side. ie. I cannot ping my home Powerlink IP address from the internet. Specifically, I'm trying to use the DSLREPORTS Monitoring service »/ schedule to run. It needs to ping me every 15 minutes or so from the internet to generate uptime reports.

It sounds like the last poster indicated that ICMP pings are killed at cablemodem if originated from the internet? Is there a workaround for this?

Has anyone gotten the DSLREPORT monitoring service to work with the Adelphia Powerlink

Any thoughts?