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K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL
reply to inciter

Re: Another reason to use Firebird...

said by inciter:
Glad I don't use FireBird! or anything eles but IE! At least they come up with the fixes and warnings. Are you under the same bug? Maybe maybe not.... But at least I know whats wrong with my browser and how to fix it.

Its a shame how easily some can be deluded by MicroGod(soft).... M$ has a long and unwavering history of releasing things long before they are ready and solid, just because they SEEM to work... however they never even seem to attempt to break them. Its is a closed group of self interested developers.
The only reason you know about any of the problems is because someone OUTSIDE M$ found them and embarrassed them into fixing them... Microsoft does not find them themselves. And since the source code is not readily available no one else can look for the problems BEFORE they happen. They just create new "glitter features" that more often than not cause problems, because they haven't worked them hard enough once they have the appearance of working.

Mozilla on the other hand is a consortium of INDEPENDENT developers... and even if a bad apple got in and tried to do something bad... the other would likely spot it before it was even released. Plus there are people going over the code everyday, mostly with the goal of improving it, but also often correcting problems.

But go right a head delude yourself into believing M$ will protect you... you'll get had sooner or later.
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