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Miami Beach, FL
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Re: [XP] Remote Assist to Win98?

Well, I can tell you that we use Vonage, and we very very rarely have a fax failure with sending or receiving, maybe once a couple of months. In the beginning yes, but we didn't have our fax software set up correctly. We use Symantec WinFax Pro, not a standalone fax machine. Fax speeds are fax speeds no different than stand-alone machines - its the baud rate 9600 - which is what the vast majority of fax machines out there handle. The newer fax machines get up to 14.4 and some even do 33.... but that's about it. We not see any depreciable speed loss. We are connected via DSL. How well will your VOIP fax be? totally depends on your service, location and a of course the internet at the time you are sending/receiving.

Exeter, NH
As per the TOS at vonage, you are not allowed to fax blast. You can use it for normal fax use, but not to broadcast any advertisement (spam like) materials.

That is even said for the additional fax line. You can only fax as normal, not broadcast fax.