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The Dragon Was Here
Barberton, OH
reply to moof2

Re: will disabling this screw up my usb devices?

said by moof2:
UPNP has nothing to do with Plug and Play, PnP, USB, or any of those things. Microsoft chose to hijack the Plug-and-Play name for a network protocol that is basically a rehash of SOCKS and some miscellanious stuff thrown in.

To disable, choose start, run, enter "services.msc" and press OK. Highlight "SSDP Discovery Service", right click and choose Properties, Stop the service, and set Startup Type to Disabled.

You will not lose any functionality unless you are actively using UPnP enabled software (such as MSN Messenger) behind a UPnP enabled internet connection sharing router. BUT if this were the case, the port scan would NOT detect it.

Upnp is plug and play for use over lans it scans the net work looking for plug and play devices such as printers.
If a computer with upnp enabled has a plug and play printer that will work for upnp it will auto configure and install the printer. Other possabilities include house hold pnp aware apliances example if a tv maker were to install a usb port and you had a computer hooked up to the tv that you could control volume and tuneing with and that computer was on a net work you could controll the volume and tuenign of that tv from any computer in the house.
Some security systems that have security cameras are already upnp aware and can be controlled by a computer hooked up to them or any computer that also has upnp enabled that has access to the computer controlling the security cameras.

But it wont interfear with usb and other standard plug and play hard ware think of upnp as a add on to pnp
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