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Never Stop Trying

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Re: Larger Avatars

As a frequent poster in the A/G forum, I have already expressed my preference regarding the 50x50 avatars. However, this is one person who is throwing in the "proverbial" towel for now. It's obvious, for whatever reasons, the powers in charge are against it and that about sums it up. Perhaps we will visit the issue in future, perhaps not, that remains to be seen.

With that said, I must say that it has been fun to be associated with the A/G forum and the great people there. We know what we do/did and if other's don't understand it, that's okay. Now, one final word to members who felt they had to make personal attacks against the A/G forum and the artists there, I just have one final thought..TO HELL WITH YOU!!
Anticipate Nothing...Expect Everything

Crystal Sky

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INTENS1, when this whole change came about, I was all for it, and found it a great little new toy to play with. However, I have said it privately and in the forums, I think the entire I see people idea was a big mistake. I am literally sick to my stomach over the whole thing, because it is pitting member against member. I reverted to my 40x50 avatar, and if it looks like crap to others, well "too bad." It looks good on my end, and so does your "unsquished" little pink elephant, and others who have chosen to keep the 40x50 avatar.

As for the "basher" out there, "ignore" is a marvelous feature. I have not seen that individual's postings for many weeks. It's bad enough seeing posts from members I respect and being torn between agreeing with them, remaining silent or responding against them.

I am in the old default mode, and will stay here as long as it is available.
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