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San Jose, CA

Dell Inspiron 8600 vs Latitude D600


how those system diff. from each other.
I know that 8600 has 15.4" and D600 14.1" screen.

does both use the same P-M CPU - if GHz the same o'coz?
price diff for 8600 from 1.4 ghz to 1.6 ghz - $150.
where for d600 it's just $50.
or it's just a marketing tricks - isn't it?

about RAM - I know that 8600 has DDR333, but what RAM D600 has?

thanks for details.

Hemet, CA

I'm not going to get into configurations, but as someone who has specified hardware for large corporation I know something about Dell's product placement.

The Inspiron line is the consumer and small business line. Like the Dimension desktops it's designed to provide the most performance for the dollar (configuration allowing).

The Latitude line like the Optiplex desktops is intended for medium to large corporate environments, where supportability is the primary issue. To ensure that the IT group's images work as long as possible these models sacrifice all out cutting edge performance (for a given configuration) for stability of the configuration. In other words - except for processor speeds nothing changes on a model from first release to at least 18 months out. This saves a ton of money on support costs in large installations!
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San Jose, CA

thanks for reply.

Does it mean that 8600 model isn't so stable as D600?
Or 8600 may runs faster as it uses ddr333, but not so stable as proven D600 with DDR266?

Or that just support issue?

p.s. D600 comes with min of 3 years warranty and no options to refuse it as I can see from dell site.


There Is Nothing Like A Restart

Milpitas, CA
reply to mikek753

Large corporation likes a design that doesn't change. That way, they can use the same drive images and accessories. However, that does not allow for the highest level of performance.

The business lineup sacrifices state of the art performance for compatibility.
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