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Saint Petersburg, FL
·Bright House Net..
reply to Kip patterson

Re: [TWC] [TWC] wants wants to charge me $25,000

I'm in the same boat as you are with a similar story. I live in NY between Amsterdam and Delanson, my zipcode is 12053. I contacted TWC with a construction request and they quoted me 6000 dollars for an extension of the feeder that is less than a half a mile away (0.43/mile). There are only 3 houses that cannot get cable (me included) in that small distance and only two of them want the service. According to the documentation I was sent in the mail by TWC they require 20 houses within 1 mile for them to be obligated to extend their lines for free. Me and my neighbor feel it's unacceptable to charge us 3000 bucks each to extend the feeder .43 of a mile especially since both of us want full service (digital cable, HSI, etc.).

Conclusion: TWC Sucks...

Kip patterson
Columbus, OH
Sorry, but the price you got was rock bottom. You should take it before they change their mind.

Respice, Adspice, Prospice
Onion, NJ
reply to shapiro44

WIRELESS is the answer.

If I were you, I would rent some space somewhere on the CV side of your town and figure out a wireless solution. It wouldn't cost so much, and, if you do it right, you will get better speeds than a wired RR connection.

Lost In Space

reply to WhyADuck

Re: [TWC] [TWC] wants wants to charge me $25,000 f

Typical ... they want to charge the customer $25K. Mine was $7K for 3 houses. I doubt there are many people (I guess were refered to last milers) that have this kind of disposable cash.


Sarasota, FL
reply to shapiro44

Re: [TWC] [TWC] wants wants to charge me $25,000 for RR

Maybe I'm way off on this but it seems to me every time a group of outraged citizens come together and decide to run their own franchise, the cable companies get all hot and bothered. So, suppose you make up a nice plan for a county/area isp that does not make any money aside from enough to cover any running costs, get a bunch of signatures on it and proceed like you are actually going to do it. Perhaps they will pay attention then....
Of course something like this has got to be a last ditch effort.


Brooklyn, NY
reply to shapiro44

Re: [TWC] [TWC] wants wants to charge me $25,000 f

Omg, man i fell your pain. Contact the Mayor and i'd probably ask for a year of free service. Also, OOL would've been my otion.