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Cincinnati, OH
reply to newt182

Re: Zoomtown Upgrade!

i have one but no upgrade. but i think things will be fine cause u can just call them after match 14th and tell them to fix your speeds. i've been with zoomtown for 5 yrs and in that time frame i've had 2 other upgrades. 384/96 to 768/384 then 768/384 to 1.5/768. but i had to call to get my upgrades on both of those : (.

anyways i think we r very luck to have such a awesome provider thats offering 3mbit/768kbit for only $40 a month. i know speak easy had the 3mbit/768 but they want $100 a month lmao, theres sbc that offers 6mbit/608 for $45 but i read that there going to get rid of that plan and make a 1.5-3mbit/384 for $45 a month instead.