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..needs sleep
reply to KF_PM

Re: Blackice "Witty" Worm: source port 4000 UDP

said by KF_PM:
Goddamn this sucks. We have close to about 6000 laptop support users that work for our company that need reimaging due to the boot sector loss. And the tickets are in the thousands. I swear, the headaches are getting worse and worse listening to these managers go on and on, on their bridge calls. We're still having problems as of Sunday morning.

6000 laptop users all used the unpatched version of black ice?


6000 laptop users all used the unpatched version of black ice?
Give or take, yes. Sad isn't it? I love it when companys lay of most of their IT department, get struck with an 8 million dollar debt and wonder what happened. Maybe if you just kept a few employees on the payroll, things like this wouldn't have been so destructive.

My peticular company did not have trucks moving for over 24hrs, huge impact. Maybe the CEO's will get the message. The conversation in the bridge call was kinda funny. One of the support guys was instantly giving a new job and new title and was told to hire a team of people to keep on top in this stuff. Hmm... where did those other people go that got laid off?