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Lebanon, KS
reply to Link Logger

Re: Blackice "Witty" Worm: source port 4000 UDP

said by Link Logger:
This is very likely a 'thing' that someone or some group has against Black Ice or ISS, as again its purpose is ultimately to destroy the host on which it runs which isn't very common for worms and viruses as it is ultimately self defeating for itself (it lives long enough to infect other systems but ultimately it will kill itself). Witty's purpose is very much different then most worms and viruses that we see as it was made to destroy selected systems. I sure hope we are not entering a new phase of destructive worms and such as that would be very bad for all sorts of reasons beside the destroyed systems.
I also speculate that given how malicious this malware is, the release time was also intentional (Saturday at midnight EST) as I believe security response is still muted on weekends.

And I'm also definitely worried about copycats...

Philip Sloss
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